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Lissie Weather

My weekly music video has been a little delayed this week due to the bank holiday weekend, but to make up for it I’ve got a corker. American singer/songwriter Lissie’s new track, Cuckoo, has been masterminded by creative directors Phil Clandillon and Steve Milbourne in the form of an interactive music video, which is controlled by live weather data.

The video uses the Google Maps API, a live weather feed and (optional) HTML5 geo-location, was shot in-camera with no post production and looks pretty sparkling. We were exctied to know more, so we grabbed Phil for a little chat.

Hi Phil, lovely project – can you explain what your role at Sony is?

Myself and Steve Milbourne work as creative directors across all of Sony Music’s labels such as Columbia, Jive, RCA and Epic. We work on the company’s priority acts for the UK and broadly speaking our role is do to innovative and well targeted advertising for these artists.

Your creatives credited on the project were your two interns, it’s great you give them so much responsibility, how did you find them?

Wilf and Luke interned with us for 8 weeks and did a lot of the day to day work on the project – particularly around planning the execution.

How do you go about researching the technology for a project like this?

Steve and I both have a reasonably technical background and have a history of coding in various languages, so we knew the project was technically feasible. We then approached technical agency Half Cyborg to undertake the development and they did some excellent work in making sure the soundtrack stays in sync with the different video elements.

We know you’ve worked on other projects for bands, have you always worked in music?

I’ve worked about in music about half my career and in advertising / digital the rest of the time. Steve’s background is in indie labels.

What’s the next ambitious project we can expect to see from you?

Hold tight for something interesting next week – we’re going to be using a familiar platform in a very unexpected way.