Lernert & Sander: Selfridges

30 September 2010

The launch of Selfridges new shoe department is an exciting prospect for shopaholics, but we didn’t expect it to be quite so exciting for us creative-types. Showing real creative awareness, Selfridges decide to give the fantastic directors Lernert & Sander the freedom to come up with some ideas to promote the new department. I’m not sure what they were expecting, but I’m pretty certain it wasn’t shoes of varying scales made from household products, lovingly built with a wit that is engrained in all the duo do. So, of course we had a chat with them…

Hey guys, your Selfridges window look very special indeed, can you tell us how the project came about?

We were invited to a pitch for some Selfridges windows in May. Selfridges loved our concept and light-hearted approach but in the end we didn’t get the assignment. But then in July Selfridges contacted our agent BlinkArt and commisioned us for four windows for the grand opening of the new shoe department in September. We presented two concepts and by the end of July we upgraded ourselves to 11 windows.

What objects did you attempt to make into shoes that didn’t work?

Well, the first three objects we presented as shoes were more masculine. A jetski, a cross-trainer and an huge aquarium. But during the process we came up with a more feminine approach with the domestic objects. Two adorable tiny clothes pegs with high heels and two big boot hoovers didn’t make it to the final shift.

Do you see your work exploring more installation, or sticking with your more usual medium of film?

No, we love to explore. We’ve just been making our first commercials, doing more print and photography and we’d love to do more 3D. We can see ourselves doing furniture or even clothes in the near future.

The commission was through BlinkArt – can you tell us how working with them has come about, and what their role is?

Last year in June we went to London with the goal of finding ourselves an agent to represent us. Amsterdam is a creative city, but more things happening in London so we thought we needed to broaden our minds. We made three appointments and one of them was with Blinkink, which was an instant click.

What are you planning next?

We’re now enjoying some sun and then when we’re back in Amsterdam to finish a printed paper for the Sikkens Foundation. And we’ll be starting a new video project for our friends Gert and Jop from Fantastic Man.

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