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The Twisted Originals

London based studio Neighbour have recently finished working with Wilfrid Wood on the latest Levis project to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their twisted jeans. ‘The Twisted Originals’ features three slightly twisted characters (Fingers, Hopper and Bernie) who will be used as the overall identity for the campaign running throughout 2009.

The characters will be supported by a long term platform that aims to function like a collaborative art project, involving and showcasing artists with a twisted mentality, and all the work can be seen on the dedicated blog www.thetwistedoriginals.com. A host of commissioned and curated content will be appearing on the site in the coming months.

The other good news is that there is a production run of the characters under way at the moment. These will be used primarily as point of sale in select retailers as well as limited edition pieces available later in the year.