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Colophon: Aperçu

Brighton based designers Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington have recently launched their specimen catalogue to accompany the release of Aperçu, the latest font to come out of their font foundry, Colophon. Working under the name of The Entente they set up Colophon in April 2009 and currently have nine fonts available, we went to find out more…

You run Colophon alongside your design studio, The Entente, where did the idea come from to start an independant Font Foundry?

As The Entente our work is mainly type based, concentrating on the creation of bespoke typefaces for books, identities and exhibition catalogues. Colophon, as a platform, allows us to build-upon our commissioned type work and develop it into a commercial product.

Tell us more about your latest release, Aperçu, designed by yourselves.

Aperçu began in December 2009 through an idea to create an amalgamation of classic realist typefaces; Franklin Gothic (1903), Johnston (1916), Gill Sans (1926) and Neuzeit (1928). The first usage of the typeface was in February 2010 and then continued development through to its eventual commercial release in August 2010. The specimen catalogue is the final stage in this project and gives an overview of the Aperçu family.

Where do you want to see Colophon go?

To continue developing our curated catalogue of typefaces and products, both with releases from ourselves, other designers and type designers. We are planning to release a new website in December, along with more releases.

It’s inevitable we’re going to ask you what your favourite font is, so, what’s your favourite font?

We were a bit split on this one! Ant— AG Schoolbook, Edd — Unica Haas.

The complete Aperçu font family, including ten weights is available for £285. The specimen book is also available including a small essay explaining the concept and ideas that led to the creation of the typeface for £8 plus postage. For more details visit the website.