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Inventory Studio: The Crash Pad™

Still looking for that Christmas present for the Mac loving relation? Well look no further, Inventory Studio have come to the rescue! The Wheel of Death, Satanic Frisbee or the Rainbow Wheel are just some of the imaginative metaphors for the action pending cursor. The Crash Pad™ is a plush, yes plush pillow that will undermine the antichrist of all icons. By providing comfort in times (usually around 3am) of hardship and relief when your studio fellow’s body can take no more spontaneous acts of violence – Shut Down, Sleep and other mac related witticisms.

A word from the makers…

“Never Forget: +S”. Two major industrial hazards for hard working designers are: 1. spending far too much time in front of a computer when you could be napping on the sofa. 2. Computers crashing and losing all that hard work.The Crash Pad™ helps you to deal with both these issues as it serves as both a temporary cushion (for that much needed off-schedule nap) and also as a stress reliever for that moment when the spinning wheel of death signifies you’ll be doing another all nighter.

Punch The Crash Pad™ and not your Mac, as we know we secretly love them and would never do anything to hurt them."

The Crash Pad™ is available from the It’s Nice That Shop for £25 plus postage.