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Cybele by Wallzo

London based studio Wallzo have recently competed ‘Cybele’, a modular kit to make letterforms. We caught up with creative director Darren Wall to find out more.

Can you tell us a bit more about the project, how it came about and what it’s for.

The Cybele project came about from personal drawings I was making of a robotic, modular kit that could click together to make letterforms. I sent sketches and a plan to Graham Harvey at Eskimo Square (we’d worked together creating 3D forms on a Hot Chip cover) and he really seemed to understand what I was aiming for. Over a few months we perfected the letterforms together, boiling it down from something that was initially quite decorative to the minimal forms you see here.

Does the tyeface exist or is it computer rendered?

The forms are just 3D models at the moment and we’re looking for opportunities to use it in real-life situations. Toy kits are just as possible as large-scale sculptures thanks to the way we’ve modeled it, so hopefully there should be more Cybele (pronounced ‘Khi-ber-lee’) news this year as we push the project further. If anyone out there is interested in seeing the typeface in action then drop me a line. We’re just eager to see how people might want to use it and then adapt it accordingly. Watch this space.

What is is about modular forms you like, I noticed the model brain on your site?

I think modular forms, particularly three dimensional ones, have a kind of intrinsic excitement about them as they invite interaction. With Cybele we wanted to combine the tactile satisfaction of something like Lego which a forms that wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery. The brain on my site was something I found on a german anatomical shop. I have no idea if its a very accurate or useful tool, but it is so attractive and inviting to touch that it struck a chord.

So although the physical kit of parts aren’t available to buy yet you have got a few prints available.

Yes, we’ve just released two limited prints to commemorate the launch of the typeface. They both feature a metallic ink detail and are printed on 160gsm Naturalis. Editions are £40 each and are available online. Print by Generation Press.