Work / Fashion

Three as Four

The day I met threeASFOUR was the day I found what I had been looking for all my life. They live and breathe an otherworldly energy as if they are channelling a A divine gift from another planet. ADi, ANGE & GABI collided together to form a creative constellation in NYC but originally hail from Israel, Tajikstan and the Lebanon respectively. With a fascination in natural forms, their pattern-cutting stems from spirals which envelope and encase the body with anitomical precision. Many designs are made from just one piece of fabric, and named after the way the flat pattern looks e.g. “Moustache” is a pair of trousers that looks exactly that.

Although classified in fashion, they unconsciously morph mediums and have undertaken a myriad of miraculous projects from fine art galleries to scent, sound and screen. Their design is light years ahead of commonplace comprehension but their utopian drive is equally as far away from their esoteric contemporaries. Portrait by Luis Cascante.