Work / Exhibition

Kris Moyes

Kris Moyes’ work is some of the most exciting, innovative and compelling moving image out there. He’s worked for countless big names including Beck and Sia and no matter who he’s shooting or what the subject is, you can always tell it’s him. That’s why I was so intrigued to hear that he is currently exhibiting a set of experimental photographs as part of ‘Glory Holes’ at the Monster Children Gallery in Australia.

I’ve previously read that while studying Kris found ‘the gallery environment constrictive’, (from Directors Bureau) which is the main reason he turned to shooting video. So, it should come as no surprise that he’s not just hanging run of the mill pieces in standard frames. Instead he’s flipping the canvas 45 degrees, using such a simple device to give his work a magic quality.

His subject matter comes from mixing unexpected liquids together and capturing the results as a high gloss close up snapshot. The results are a mesmerizing set of photographs with cheekily aloof titles. Just when you thought Mr.Moyes was getting all serious on us he’s decided to dub his creations ‘Mystical Testical’, ‘Milky Patch’ and ‘Pretty Good Blue Cloud’, and that’s just to name a few.