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Ten young illustrators take part in Q&A relay for 56+1’s new issue

I once boldly proclaimed to my colleagues that I didn’t rate any publication that you couldn’t read comfortably on the train (I hadn’t thought it through truth be told) but if I really did believe that then I’d happily make an exception for the new issue of design agency Fivefootsix’s 56+1 magazine. For their third publication they’ve collaborated with Beach London and ten really talented young illustrators taking their first tentative steps into the professional world. Kicking off with the simple question “what next?”, first creative James Jessiman has provided an image and then set the question for the next illustrator and so on throughout the series taking in inspiration, motivation and post-project celebration among other themes.

It’s a neat enough central conceit but the work’s what makes it, with no fewer than four of last year’s It’s Nice That graduates included (Ellie Andrews, Grace Helmer, Lorna Scobie and Joshua Checkley) alongside some new names we’re sure have got big futures ahead of them. And yes the oversized format really works really well!


James Jessiman: What Next?


Charlie Cameron: Are You Still Making Record Covers?


Lorna Scobie: What Would Your Perfect Studio Space Be Like?


Simon Cheadle: What Do You Do When You Hit A Mental Block?


Josh Wiley: When Do You Know You’ve Come Up With The Right Solution?


Joshua Checkley: What Do You Do To Celebrate After A Project?


Grace Helmer: Where Do You Get Your Motivation and Ideas From?


Joe Vass: What Have You Read That Has Influenced Your Work?


Callum Robey: What Would Your Most Ideal Surroundings Be?


Ellie Andrews: If you Could Build Anything, What Would You Build?