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Graduates 2009: Joseph Mann


Joseph Mann is a graduate from the BA (Hons) Illustration course at the Glasgow School Of Art. His talents are pretty broad; some incredible model making, a real eye for stop-frame animation as well as a real gift for storytelling. We couldn’t be sure exactly what he’ll end up doing, but it’ll definitely be very, very good. Don’t forget to check out his Vimeo as well as his site for three fantastic little films.

Joseph Mann has always had a passion for model making and has recently been bringing it to life through the medium of stop motion animation – a discipline for which he’s developed a keen passion. By combining these two processes he hopes to continue creating small worlds for audiences to explore and engage with.

For his degree he decided to collaborate with a writer and it was through this that The Chimney Sweep was born. Having never done 3D stop motion before he decided he wanted to build his own armatures to help him gain a better understanding of how they can be made to move. The armatures for The Chimney Sweep were built using lolly-pop sticks and ball and socket joints.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A lifeguard because as a child I really loved swimming pools and the idea of being able to sit and look at one all day really excited me.

In reflection, how bad was your work in the first year?

First year in Glasgow was more play than work. I did quite a few terrible life drawings and they certainly never got any better.

If you could show a piece of your folio to one person, what piece would you choose, and who would you show it to?

I would have loved for my Grandpa to have seen The Chimney Sweep.

If you had your own business, who would you employ and why?

Any one really good at table tennis so I could play them at lunch times.

If you’ve got any left, what will you spend the last of your student loan on?

I told my self ages ago that when I graduate I would treat myself to a decent coat, watch and haircut.

Where will we find you in 12 months?

Hopefully in a studio space somewhere full to the brim with lots and lots of lovely things.