Work / Graphic Design

Mathias Schweizer

Originally guest posted by Côme de Bouchony

Trying to introduce and sum up Mathias Schweizer is quite a hard task! He acts under numerous identities and rarely signs his works, with no offcial web presence or folio available, it’s rare to see him on the blogosphere.

He is a discrete and polymorphic artist, with his own weird style and has created a wide range of projects including Identity and website for Credac, an exhibition at CAPC museum of Bordeaux called Vasareline, visual identity for Antidote, a series of contemporary art shows at ‘Galeries Lafayette’ in Paris (pictured).

A short biography can be found on the Chaumont festival site, for wich he designed the 2007 poster and there are some blog posts of his work here, here and here. If that wasn’t enough, he also co-founded and created the identity for Rolax and produces music on it under the name of Kurt Dolto