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Meet The Schaffas

Schaffas I hear you ask, me too. Well these ‘gentle and un-aspiring creature of great mystery’ took me by surprise as well but you just can’t help look through them all. Adelaideans Sam Barratt & Chris Edser have hand-picked art-friends from all over the world to customize their own breed of schaffas. They were each sent a similar blank shape and given free reign to add, subtract, paint or destroy these objects.

Pictured is Timid Tony designed by Jono Menz and described as, ‘Tony’s skin colour changes based on emotion. He can turn all the colours of the rainbow. When he is relaxed he is a mellow yellow, if he’s angry he’s a fiery red and when he is alarmed his skin turns blue and his hair stands on end. Despite having this amazing ability he is practically always blue because he is just so very timid.’