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Mother London

Mother was founded in 1996. Initially based in Soho –the agency now resides in the Biscuit building in the creative hub of Shoreditch.
The agency has built up an impressive and interesting client list that encompasses small and interesting brands such as Penguin, Covent Garden and AQA to bigger name brands – Boots, Coco-Cola, PG Tips and Post Office, Dell in New York and Nike in Buenos Aries.

Mother is a wholly independent agency, renown for breakthrough advertising campaigns, from the early Levi’s Odyssey spoof for Lilt and the Supernoodles Westside story Face Off , the celebrity fronted Orange cinema ads, (now a filmic institution in Britain), Nagi Noda’s stunning ‘What goes around ‘film for Coca-Cola to the spectacular outdoor projects ‘London Ink’ campaign for Discovery Channel and the Peter Blake live art Project for Coca-Cola.