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Gary Moatt

Originally guest posted by THIS IS Studio

Garry Moatt is a hidden gem from the pre-internet days. After working for 20 years in the business with legends like Nick Knight and Peter Saville and producing seminal artwork for prog rockers YES and the Rolling Stones, Garry rejected the graphic design life style in the late 90s for a hut in Thailand.

Here is an image of the 1990 ‘shaking the tree’ artwork for Peter Gabriel. The photo was taken by Robert Mapplethorpe who died in of Aids in 1986. Apparently photographing Peter was famously a nightmare, as he would often blink so this photo was deemed a right off. After digging through Peters photos Garry found this image and used it for the front cover. After his resurface he is now back at Camberwell College studying MA Printing and has asked us to build a website archiving his legacy. Please check out our site for updates on his work…