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THIS IS Studio

THIS IS Studio, Established in 2006, was set-up by Barney Beech, Richard Barnett and Dougal Burgess. Essentially graphic designers, we create work that sits across a wide range of platforms from Moving image to print. In the last 2 and a bit years we have made all sorts of nice things, argued alot and worked for a great range of design conscious clients, from Victoria and Albert Museum to MUSE.

We have lots of fun things to show you this week. To get things rolling here is 2/3 of a series of offset litho prints from an exhibition at Dazed and Confused. The show was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Dr Duncan MacDougall’s infamous experiment: He claimed to have found that the human soul weighs 21 grams. The posters account the various reactions and triggers to 21 grams of
forgotten matter from our studio floor: the inherent soul of our studio. Deep.