Work / Illustration

Chrissie Abbott

Hello there, I am Chrissie. I live in hackney which is nice sometimes, and work in a small studio in Dalston where I make images using a mix of illustration and collage. At the moment some of my favorite things are: banana smoothies, crystal rock formations, lie-ins, and wounded knees (the band). I hate buses. I am very much overdue in updating my website I know, but here are some people I’ve done work for: Virgin, Orange, MTV, Coca-Cola, Nike, Nylon, The Barbican, The New York Times and T-shirts for 2K, Urban Outfitters and Timberland.

My own piece of work I’ve chosen to share is the forthcoming Little Boots EP artwork. Its based on the arecibo message that was beamed into space in the 70’s to inform other life forms of our existence.