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Graduates 2009: Christopher Smith

Having just graduated illustration at the University of Brighton, 22 year old Christopher Smith is our graduate of the day. An avid collector, hoarder and observer he loves puns and quick, clever ideas.

With an aim to retain a playful diversity in his work and make people look at things more carefully, what interests Christopher most is the process of making an image, which he often considers equal or of greater importance than the actual image itself. He would like to own a museum, “I don’t ever want to get bored”.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

My ideal job would have been to work for The Beano, drawing The Bash Street Kids probably – they always had a double page spread.

In reflection, how bad was your work in the first year?

I don’t think I drew at all in the first year. Looking back there are a couple of interesting ideas but I tended to try and overcomplicate them, whereas now I’m more intuitive and let things come naturally.

If you could show a piece of your folio to one person, what piece would you choose, and who would you show it to?

I read somewhere that Matt Groening has a big collection of fake Simpsons stuff, so maybe we could do some swaps. Also, get some feedback from Walt Disney on the Mickey Mouse drawings I’ve done. Finally, show the Polaroid company my Polaroid Race in an attempt to persuade them to start making it again (sorry that’s three people).

If you had your own business, who would you employ and why?

Someone who could put some good music on when I’m working, or even better a house band that would sit in the studio and play constantly. Maybe Kraftwerk.

If you’ve got any left, what will you spend the last of your student loan on?

I don’t want to check my balance at the moment. There is still a list of fun things that I need to do before I leave Brighton in a few weeks, so the last of my money will be spent on kayaking, fishing and the Volks Railway. (AND sorting out stuff for the Brighton Graphic Design and Illustration London show at the Rag Factory, just off Brick Lane, 2nd-6th July!!!)

Where will we find you in 12 months?

Hopefully sitting outside a cafe in Paris laughing at some jokes in French.