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The Weekender

Do you know what really helps me get through the week? Sea horses. I ruddy love those little guys. The impossibly grand name, the reluctance to conform to gender stereotypes, their funny little noses. Man I love seahorses. Seahorses and The Weekender, makes it all go down smooth. Talking of which…

Best of the blog

This week got off to a giggle-topped flyer courtesy of Ninian Doff’s insanely brilliant video of no handed bike moves. Talking of brilliance, Matt Lee’s photography tinged with sinister shapes was another highlight of the past seven days, and talking of highlights, Quayola’s jaw-dropping teaser trailer ahead of his new show made us rub eyes with genuine disbelief.

Best of the rest

DeZeen played with our love of all things design and all things baked with this amazing cake furniture, while Design Observer’s piece on Richard Hamilton gave us a glimpse into an under-appreciated side of the late, great pop artist and The Guardian introduced us to The White Cube’s mahoosive new south London gallery space.

Tweet of the week

Next time you go to Ikea, hide in the wardrobes, then jump out of them at passers by screaming FOR NARNIA! #Tipoftheday
“@TechnicallyRon”: http://twitter.com/#!/TechnicallyRon delights us with the most wonderful way to sepand a Staurday afternoon EVER.

Celebrity bottom of the week

Steve McQueen. Kudos.

I am not sure why, but we DEFINITELY need one of those of the week

Sometimes the human capacity for invention pusjhes new boundaries of ingenuity, especialy when alcohol is involved. How we have lived this long without a typewriter-come cocktail maker that transfers words and phrases into drinks, I have no idea.

Stunt of the week

For taking the awkward moment when you are looking for a free seat in the cinema to a surreal extreme, a tip of the hat to Carlsberg for this fabulous campaign

Bad reaction to a break-up of the week

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Been through a tough break-up? Lost a bit of faith in the inherent goodness of humankind? Spemt a time bit of time crying in your room? Got a bit drunk and emotional? Joined a cult?

Anonymous hero of the week…until now

Ever heard of Kevin Clash? Probably not, but we’d wager you’ve heard of the little guy he spends almost every day with…

(Found via Huh)