A Graphic Artist: Figure Eight (detail)

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Art: Mysterious work from the equally mysterious A Graphic Artist

For most creatives (whether they admit it publicly or not) there’s a frisson of pride and excitement at seeing their name on blogs, in print or in vinyl on a gallery’s window. But others genuinely seem to shun the limelight, such as the man or woman known simply as A Graphic Artist. There’s scant information on his/her website, and unsurprisingly a Google search bears little fruit. Anyway this enigma produces some really interesting work – not just vector illustrations and GIFs – but also an excellent new series of collages made from cut coloured paper and black crepe tape. In an email to me that wasted few words, the artist explained: “The artwork takes on a physical process, no longer a gestural mark; by applying cut paper the image becomes a constructive collage.” And if the form is unusual, the scenes themselves are intriguing too, with a certain film noir, Charles Bukowski vibe of snatched moments and quiet, sexy sadness.


A Graphic Artist: Figure One


A Graphic Artist: Figure Three


A Graphic Artist: Figure Nine


A Graphic Artist: Figure Eighteen


A Graphic Artist: Figure Five


A Graphic Artist: Figure Two


A Graphic Artist: Figure Twelve


A Graphic Artist: Figure Eight