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A Week On Monday: Writer and curator Henrietta Thompson on toast and Alan Fletcher

Pipe down Monday, we’ll have no trouble here. As ever we are tackling the start of the week head on and we’re delighted to have writer and curator Henrietta Thompson, who is overseeing 100% Norway at this year’s London Design Festival, here to set us up for the next seven days. Take it away Henrietta…

What’s the best way of getting over Monday morning blues?

Toast. Also, arranging all Monday morning meetings to take place at Claridges also helps (I’ve been working with them lately on a new magazine so it’s not as ridiculously decadent as it sounds. Ok maybe it is.)

What song will you be listening to most this week?

1, 2, 3, 4 by Feist.

What was the best thing you read this morning?

A text from my boyfriend that made me laugh out loud.

Send us a picture of something you’ll use a lot this week

Obviously I write on a laptop but it’s not as pretty.


If you could have a midweek night out with anyone, doing anything what would it be?

Alan Fletcher, at wine o’clock, with a couple of friends, talking about whatever in his studio and getting inspired. 

What do you hope to have achieved come Friday?

Moved house, got our new office up and running, finished all my work, moved my new social enterprise Operation illustration forward a bit more, and booked a holiday. Actually I really want to do all that by Thursday so I can have Friday off…