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A Week On Monday: Lawrence Zeegen on 80s pop and Japanese junk

Lawrence Zeegen is a man of many talents; illustrator, dean of design at the prestigious London College of Communication and one of the top three hat wearers I’ve ever met. He was kind of enough to share some of his wisdom ahead of a busy week when he joins yet another important organisation and begins a dream creative commission…

What’s the best way of getting over Monday morning blues?

To beat Monday morning blues I normally use a couple of different mantras – 1. Think positive/be positive  or 2. Stay cool/hang loose/admit nothing. And if they both fail I start to write lists of the stuff that needs getting done and out of the door. Lists help but are rarely completed.

What song will you be listening to most this week?

The song I’ll be most listening to this week is likely to be the most annoyingly catchy tune I’ve heard on the radio as I step into the shower in the morning. Rather worryingly I heard Chris Evans on Radio 2 (yes, I know) play a Flock of Seagulls song (look them up) this morning…terrible.

What was the best thing you read this morning?

Best thing I read this morning was an email from the Art Director at Penguin Books I’m working with confirming a meeting later this week to discuss Ladybird by Design – a book I’m starting to write on the 100 year history of the design of Ladybird books. It is going to be fun book to write and a fun meeting to start the process.

Send us a picture of something you’ll use a lot this week…


Lawrence’s Penguin bookshelf.

If you could have a midweek night out with anyone, doing anything what would it be?

My midweek night out with anyone would have to be with my younger self – dishing out some words of wisdom, some advice on the good, the bad and the ugly of the creative industries and the wonderful world of design education. I’ve picked it up as I’ve gone along but some help at points would have been good…

What do you hope to have achieved come Friday?

Sometimes just getting as far as Friday is an achievement, but this week I’m joining the board of trustees for D&AD and hope to have a better sense of what I want to achieve following my first board meeting and President’s dinner this evening. Other than that – I’m planning a weekend of fun London stuff for myself and my youngest Felix who’s 14, so to have a plan would be good. I’m also getting a shopping list for my partner Rebecca Wright written up, she’s off to Tokyo at the weekend and I simply need some cool Japanese junk in my life…