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A Week On Monday: Lucienne Roberts on Sir Cliff and why Sunday work is good

Get away Monday, we’ll have no trouble here. Next up to help kickstart our week and get the creative juices flowing, we’re delighted to sit down with graphic designer Lucienne Roberts, who has just done the identity work for the Design Museum’s exhibition The Future Is Here.

What’s the best way of getting over Monday morning blues?

To work on Sunday… that way there are no Monday morning blues!

What song will you be listening to most this week?

Perhaps I should try Cliff’s Summer Holiday… see below!

What was the best thing you read this morning?

I dipped into a My Family Values piece by Una Stubbs on The Guardian website this morning that impressed because it was touchingly honest. I was only five months old when Cliff Richard’s film Summer Holiday hit the screen but as a kid I watched it and loved the character Una played. Ever since I have thought of her as vivacious, exuberant and all things jolly.

So, imagine my surprise to read this of her second marriage to actor Nicky Henson: ‘I was probably a boring wife. Once I saw Nicky with Marguerite [Henson’s wife, ballerina Marguerite Porter] and I said: “Nicky, is that how I was supposed to be?” He said, “I think so.” I sort of realised where I’d gone wrong – being dull and too compliant, not speaking my mind.’ Her candour is shocking, the sentiments sad, written with the hindsight, and perhaps melancholy, that age seems to sometimes bring.

Send us a picture of something you’ll use a lot this week

In my capacity as co-founder of publishers GraphicDesign& I’ll be referring to this book (Alex’s Adventures in Numberland by Alex Bellos) a lot this week. For Golden Meaning, one of our next titles, we set a bit of a brainteaser inviting contributors to communicate something of the golden ratio using their graphic design skills. Alex is soon to give them the once over but with contributions from Hort, Peter Crawley, Kapitza, Bibliothèque and George Hardie to name but a few, he is in for a treat!


Alex Bellos: Alex’s Adventures In Numberland

If you could have a midweek night out with anyone, doing anything what would it be?

Coo… I’d like to have been a student at the Bauhaus, so how about a midweek drink with some of the tutors? Josef Albers, László Moholy-Nagy and Herbert Bayer would do!

What do you hope to have achieved come Friday?

I am going on hols on Wednesday, to my second home of Vienna. With Summer Holiday ringing in my ears I hope to have edited some of the text for Looking Good, another forthcoming GraphicDesign& title, and, most importantly, updated the LucienneRoberts+ website to include our recent exhibition project The Future is Here at the Design Museum.