Aart-Jan Venema: 2026

Work / Illustration

Think you’ve got a pretty wild imagination? Well, check out Aart-Jan Venema.

I feel the same way about Aart-Jan Venema as I would about about finding a fiver on the floor. Well, maybe not that joyous/gloating, but very happy. He’s arrived into our lives by chance, such is the pleasing nature of the internet, and is an utter joy to behold. Friendly sci-fi, forest scenes and a healthy dose of shoot-em-ups make up this compendium of rich colours and characters. In fact, that’s kind of where Venema’s talent really lies — the expressions on the faces of the abundance of people depicted in these images is subtle yet sturdy, and clearly comes completely naturally to him. Jealous.


Aart-Jan Venema: 2026


Aart-Jan Venema: 2026


Aart-Jan Venema: 2026


Aart-Jan Venema: 2026


Aart-Jan Venema: Forgotten History 1: Finding Dracula


Aart-Jan Venema: Flyers 2026