Alicia Meseguer: Collage I

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Alicia Meseguer’s intriguing, beautiful collage work in our new ABSOLUT Network profile

I don’t know Alicia Meseguer but based on her work I really wish I did because it’s cool, interesting and unusual. The Murcia-based creative who studied at the Orihuela art school boasts a portfolio which takes in art, photography and graphic design but whatever she turns her talents to the ability to pique the viewer’s interest remains. I like her stripped back identities for hip clients like DJs, indie groups and digital art magazines which reflect a less-is-more confidence in the power of monochrome.

But it’s her collage work that really gets the pulse quickening – a series of strange, beautiful and compelling images which demonstrate a similar restraint to her branding work, particularly compared to some very busy pieces favoured by her contemporaries. They contain fleeting whispers of the way bodies are presented and perceived, how airbrush redux skews our ideas of female form and how in the heat of sexual intensity lovers construct their own versions of their partners. It’s thought-provoking without being obvious though, leaving room for individual interpretation which again points to a creative talent at peace with their ideas.

For the next few weeks we’re showcasing some of the dazzling creatives which form part of the ABSOLUT Network, which brings together some of the finest cutting-edge creatives in Spain.


Alicia Meseguer: Collage III


Alicia Meseguer: Collage III


Alicia Meseguer: Collage III


Alicia Meseguer: Collage III


Alicia Meseguer: Collage I


Alicia Meseguer: Collage II


Alicia Meseguer: Elvasicilia identity


Alicia Meseguer: NESEC identity