Diana Kunst: Too Hot For Words

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Superbly intense photographer Diana Kunst is our new ABSOLUT Network profile

Ever since first coming across the portfolio of Madrid-based Diana Kunst earlier this week her images have refused to leave me alone. There’s something charged about them – the same way the air feels heavy and expectant before a storm – and they’ve stalked me during the past few days, infiltrating my quiet moments and demanding to be considered afresh.

And yet even after all this I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about them. She is brilliant at creating a certain kind of atmosphere, a visual discombobulation. There’s a seam of sexuality running throughout but it’s rarely a straightforward kind (is sexuality ever straightforward?) with slightly dark, slightly twisted overtones at play and you often feel plunged into a narrative you’re forced to try and work out.

What’s interesting is to see her commercial work where her compositional brilliance is co-opted into more traditional fashion shoots, but it’s in her personal work where she lets her immense talents really run wild with a series of quietly confrontational works which will get under your skin.

For the next few weeks we’re showcasing some of the dazzling creatives which form part of the ABSOLUT Network, which brings together some of the finest cutting-edge creatives in Spain.


Diana Kunst: Portrait


Diana Kunst: Abi-Lee


Diana Kunst: Abi-Lee


Diana Kunst: Zombiestudio


Diana Kunst: Too Hot For Words


Diana Kunst: Don’t Be Cruel


Diana Kunst: Don’t Be Cruel