Forma & Co: Centre Cívic Can Felipa

Work / Animation

The brilliant Barcelona studio Forma & Co in our first ABSOLUT Network showcase

We’ve been bowled over by a lot of the design work coming out of Barcelona these past months and years and now we can add another terrific studio to that list of admiration. Forma & Co, founded by Joel Lozano and Dani Navarro, are able to turn their talents to anything from graphic design, illustration and animation to branding and web design. There’s a focus on simplicity but within their team finds great scope to improvise and experiment and they boast an enviable skill with using colour, be it big, bold, bright illustrations or carefully-chosen elements in a publication.

It’s no great surprise that their client list is so varied – from councils and museums to cinemas and brands – all eager to inject a little of the Forma magic into their visuals. There’s an effortless sense of run which runs throughout this impressive portfolio and an endearing combination of serious talent, charm and silliness.

For the next few weeks we’re showcasing some of the dazzling creatives which form part of the ABSOLUT Network, which brings together some of the finest cutting-edge creatives in Spain.


Forma & Co: La Barbería del Mono poster


Forma & Co: Punto y Raya Festival poster


Forma & Co: Barcelona Neurociència poster


Forma & Co: Barcelona Neurociència poster


Forma & Co: Itineraris CCCB pamphlets


Forma & Co: Jesus illsutration

This post was produced in collaboration with ABSOLUT.