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Absolut’s new campaign film features 28 of the brand’s employees naked



A new global campaign launched today (6 February) by Absolut features 28 employees of the vodka brand completely naked. Titled the vodka with nothing to hide, the film satirises traditional employee induction videos by using nudity to draw attention to the “transparent” seed-to-bottle production process behind the brand, from the CO2 neutral distillation process to Absolut’s dedication to sustainability.

“We are very proud of the high-quality vodka we make here in Åhus and also the way we make it,” Anna Schreil, Absolut’s VP of operations and one of the film’s featured employees, commented in a statement to press. “We control every single step from seed to bottle, and we do it with passion and pride. Quality and sustainability are lead words to us and we love to tell our story. Normally, when people come to see us, we do have clothes on. But the transparency about how we do things is still the same!”

Craig Johnson, the brand’s VP for global marketing added “Absolut has always believed in using its voice to promote change and we are proud to champion sustainability and transparency in our industry. We feel it’s now more important than ever to let our customers know, we have nothing to hide!”

Continuing their commitment to transparency, the Swedish distillery is set to open to the public later this year.