Accent magazine editors Lydia and Lucy tell us about judging the Grads 2014

18 July 2014

We’ve almost finished our selection of It’s Nice That Graduates 2014, and we’ve well and truly established that this year has produced some of the most talented and exciting creative talent to date. We had a selection of handpicked judges to help us select the entrants who most deserved to make it through to the final 15, and in corner of publishing are Lydia and Lucy from Accent Magazine, “a global celebration of lives lived outside the ordinary.” They kindly left us with a few nuggets of wisdom for new graduates to show what they were looking for.

What impressed you about the entries you judged this year?

We saw some really strong portfolios from people who had stuck to their guns and spent time developing ideas that they were passionate about. The individuals who had carved out their own distinct style and way of working were the ones who impressed us the most. 

What were you looking for?

We’re always on the lookout for unique and engaging photography projects that tell a story and make us smile. 

What did you see too much of?

Sometimes trends outplayed substance, and we saw a surprising number of still lifes involving fruit and coloured backgrounds!


Accent Magazine: Noelle McCleaf

What are the most common mistakes young designers or photographers make when trying to sell themselves?

It’s easy to put all your work out there at once, but from our experience it’s important to be selective and show the work that you’re genuinely proud of. Shape your portfolio to show the kind of work you want to get paid to produce. 

What would be your main advice for Graduates about to enter the world after University?

Be prepared to work hard, but only at the jobs that you feel will move you in the right direction. Know your own value as a creative, and have the confidence to stand your ground. Most importantly, work with the people you respect and who will bring out the best in you. 

To celebrate the launch of issue six, Accent will be holding an exhibition at KK Outlet, from the 8 until the 16 July.


Accent Magazine: Andrew Waits

Supported by Represent

We are very pleased that The It’s Nice That Graduates 2014 will once again be supported by Represent Recruitment. The graphic design recruitment specialists have developed a peerless reputation working with designers of all levels and matching them up with the right positions in some of the top agencies around. Represent’s support has helped us grow the Graduate scheme over recent years and we are thrilled they have partnered with us again in 2014.

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