The Suffolk Punch Press: Transformative Experiences for The Guardian Weekend.

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Adam Avery aka The Suffolk Punch Press wows us with his brimming portfolio!

Adam Avery popped into our lives via email last week with his portfolio absolutely brimming with fantastic editorial illustrations. Adam’s work is made up of the magic combination of clever ideas delivered with a really strong style that he must have been working on for a while. The friendly, colourful nature of the work is like a commissioner’s dream, and has brought him jobs such as editorials for The Guardian and some striking imagery for Earthday 2013. There’s nothing available in his online shop at the moment which is a bit of shame, but let’s hope he makes some t-shirts, prints and postcards asap so we can spend our hard-earned cash on it immediately.


The Suffolk Punch Press: 21st Century Totems – A Tryptich


The Suffolk Punch Press: Cradle to the Grave


The Suffolk Punch Press: Galileo


The Suffolk Punch Press: ‘Fossil Fuel is uncool’


The Suffolk Punch Press: Finding Privacy


The Suffolk Punch Press: Put a plug in it