Adam Bainbridge: Garden

Work / Art

Exquisite, suburbia-inspired pencil drawings by Adam Bainbridge

Funny how the small, italic quote at the bottom of a caption can entirely change your perception of the artwork itself. In Adam Bainbridge’s case, the fact that it reads ‘pencil on paper’ is enough to make your brain hurt and your fingers itch, due primarily to the fact that it is nothing short of exquisite. In images that, at first glance, may seem like a peek inside some sort of Vatican tomb of a ceramicist, these drawings actually represent the suburban environment that Bainbridge grew up in, with a splash of surrealist art thrown in there for good measure. Now, enough reading, take a closer look at the pictures.


Adam Bainbridge: Interior


Adam Bainbridge: Growth


Adam Bainbridge: Hidden


Adam Bainbridge: Interior 1