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“Made for designers, not 3D experts”: Adobe Stock demystifies 3D renders

Three dimensional renders are featuring more and more within everyday design, from adverts for cars to Ikea using 3D tools to computer generate its catalogue. As the ability to integrate 3D objects not only becomes easier but more realistic, it is understandable that graphic designers are eager to learn how they can get involved, to save money on mock ups and take a project that extra mile.

However creating 3D renders is quite a daunting task, especially when pieces are so lifelike you question how many hours designers might have spent fiddling with shadow tools. ‘Yet, the design mindset to work in 3D is very similar to that of working 2D, and is made even easier when using Adobe Stock 3D assets in Project Felix.

Chantel Benson, an Adobe product manager and well versed member of the 3D industry, explains how the jump of adding another dimension to work is a lot simpler than it may look: “I tell designers that they already think in 3D because they are so tuned into how images look — or how they’re supposed to look!”

Rather than asking questions such as “How do you fake this shadow? How do you find photos of the hero object in the exact right position?”, using Project Felix frees up time. It allows designers to concentrate on “positioning, placement, light, and shadow instead of mastering tricks to make it look like something is set at just one angle,” Chantel explains.

On top of this, Adobe Stock offers a large range of royalty free 3D models, lights and materials to use on the application. By being able to choose from materials such as copper, soil to even a circuit board surface depending on your artwork can make a huge difference to the final outcome. Using relatable materials allows your design to look like the real object, and could help win a pitch in visualising how your work will sit in the world. Lighting in particular can elevate the realistic qualities of a rendered image, and with the models Adobe Stock provide a familiar object that is easy to find, select and design around.

By pinpointing areas of 3D design that are time consuming and simplifying them, Adobe Stock’s resources and Project Felix is uncomplicated and more attuned to accustomed ways of working, “made for graphic designers, not 3D experts”.