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Adobe Stock makes motion graphics effortless with new library of templates

As a designer, the importance of being able to work with, and incorporate, motion graphics into your practice, is ever increasing. Moving image, once a medium only viewed in very specific contexts, is expanding into our everyday lives – adverts at bus stops wave back at us and with advancements in AR, even the ever-static poster is no longer safe.

To aid this transition and enable as many creatives as possible to pick up the necessary skills, Adobe Stock has introduced Motion Graphics Templates. By importing and editing complex motion graphics using the already familiar interface of Premiere Pro, these templates enable users to harness the power of After Effects without ever having to learn it. The update was announced at this year’s Adobe MAX creativity conference in Las Vegas, a mammoth event which brought together creatives from all over the world.

All of the included Motion Graphics Templates have been carefully reviewed and curated for quality, consistency and usability and utilise the new .mogrt format. The collection is now available for use with over 1,000 templates, of which around 100 are free. This will continue to grow over the coming year but already includes work from a host of high-profile designers. Andrew Kramer who created the credits for Star Trek and Super 8 has contributed, as well as Nick Hill who worked on The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Whether working directly in Premiere Pro or searching on the Adobe Stock website, Motion Graphics Templates have a simple search and licensing system providing a completely integrated experience. This integration is only furthered by the templates’ compatibility with Adobe Typekit. All of the Motion Graphics Templates on offer rely solely on fonts available via the software. When opening an asset, if a font is not on a user’s system, it can easily be installed with a single click.

The Motions Graphics Templates provide a means for creatives to adapt their skills in new and exciting ways. Its integration with Premiere Pro enables a smooth transition that doesn’t require hours of practice but instead facilitates progression in an already intuitive environment.


Adobe Stock Motion Graphics Templates


Adobe Stock Motion Graphics Templates


Adobe Stock Motion Graphics Templates


Adobe Stock Motion Graphics Templates


Adobe Stock Motion Graphics Templates