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Finnish illustration brilliance goes Dutch as Agent Pekka sets up Amsterdam office

Anyone who knows their European history understands that it is one of constant movement and assimilation leaving us with a mishmash identity unconstrained by official borders. As with ancient tribes, so with creative talent, and last week superbly Finnish illustration agency Agent Pekka opened up their Amsterdam office, bringing their killer reputation into the heart of central Europe.

They have marked the move with a new show Pekka is Here at the Guns and Butter gallery, featuring a host of their roster’s star names including Holly Wales, Rami Niemi, Santtu Mustonen Owen Gatley and Janine Rewell. It’s a glorious show with Pekka’s eye for talent consistently faultless across a whole gamut of styles.

Speaking to co-founder Pablo Steffa, it’s clear he is determined to scout out the best local Dutch talent as well, under the stewardship of Caroline Svensson, a former Wieden’s art producer heading up the Amsterdam operation.Clearly buzzing at the move, Pablo said: “The interesting mix of international and local advertising agencies, the presence of strong global brands and the appreciation the Dutch have for good design,are all reasons why we chose Amsterdam as the city for our first office abroad.”

And if you’re in Amsterdam, the show is open next weekend Thusrday to Saturday 10-6pm – it’s well worth a visit.


Owen Gatley: When The Fast Food Flat Float Rolls Into Town


Eero Johannes: Worm 2


Antii Uotila: Anything Goes


Jamie Cullen: Amsterdam II


Pietari Posti: Queen Biketrix


The show at Guns and Butter


Amsterdam’s creative scene at the opening