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Introducing…Brilliant photographer Alana Paterson says “Never work hungover”

Alana’s life sounds pretty great. In between working on an idyllic organic fruit and vegetable farm, she is commissioned to take photographs of young, sun-dappled youths for brands such as Norse, HUF and The Hundreds to name but a few. There’s something incredibly warm about her photos, and seemingly her personality – the kind of photographer who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, or go on a bit of an adventure. Alana kindly answered a few questions for us too…

Where do you work?

Welllll I kind of have two jobs. I’m a freelance photographer and I work on an organic farm in the Canadian gulf islands in the summers. So right now I’m on the farm five days a week and booking jobs for two or sometimes when I can squeeze in three. The farm is really good about my photo work though. If I get a big job where I have to travel they always let me go.

How does your working day start?

A farm day? I get up and go see my foreman get my chores for the day, drink some tea while I do what needs to be done. Things like seeding or weeding, washing eggs, pruning, picking and packaging food for sale. And a freelance day? Never the same twice. But never hungover, I dont work hungover. Well-rested, some tea and one quiet moment before the storm starts.

Where would we find you when you’re not at work?

Hmm that doesn’t happen too often these days, If I’m not on the farm I’m on location usually. But most likely en route from one job to another. Ferrys, highways, float planes – I have a lot of logistics to figure out living in the gulf so yeah lots of travel on my days off. I’m often trying to get somewhere to shoot something or go camping or get back to the farm.

How do you work and how has it changed?

Well I shoot film with natural light and I suppose over the last few years my style has become more and more commercial just from working with clients and delivering what they want. Not too commercial though, it’s a balance. Also there’s a lot of ways I want to shoot. Like, I’m always so envious of people with these blown out flash-looking images, they look so great. But they just aren’t me I guess cause I always go back to my own style. And also people with these really great planned out documentary projects that they actually stick to for years at a time. That shit blows my mind – I’m so envious of people like Bryan Shutmaat for example.

Would you intern for yourself?

Haha probably not. I’m not the most technical person and a lot of my strengths are based on intuition so I’m not too helpful to assistants and interns and stuff. People ask me sometimes and I feel bad cause sure they could learn from watching me deal with models/ clients/ stylists etc. but really all they would be doing is changing rolls and handing me stuff. Cooking hot dogs for me while I shoot models at a camp site haha.


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