Alber Napoleon Wildner: Number 24 and 25, West 62nd St. (detail)

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Art: Suspend your disbelief for Alber Napoleon Wildner’s miniature photography

There’s space for the strange, the absurd and the surreal on It’s Nice That, so we couldn’t help but nod our assent when faced with the incredible miniature photography of (brilliantly-named) Alber Napoleon Wildner. Alber’s model making is eye-wateringly accurate – every image is created using 1:100 scale diorama models which he builds himself and then photographed with unbelievable precision to simulate domestic and urban environments. These images, from a series entitled The Infinite Green of Paper Lawns, address the daily crossovers which occur between reality and the glamorous fiction of Hollywood film scripts.

Alber explains that his aim with the series was to push his viewers’ sense of reality to the absolute limit, and there’s no question that he will have viewers suspending their disbelief for minutes at a time while they attempt to work out just how he constructed that minuscule sign, painted that worryingly lifelike smoke or gave his tiny characters with their tiny faces such an air of dissatisfaction.


Alber Napoleon Wildner: The Taste of Chicken


Alber Napoleon Wildner: The Dionysus Picture House


Alber Napoleon Wildner: Summer at Wingham Manor


Alber Napoleon Wildner: Hariet’s Hamper


Alber Napoleon Wildner: The Amazon Club


Alber Napoleon Wildner: Courtney Grossman’s Funeral


Alber Napoleon Wildner: Girls Night Out


Alber Napoleon Wildner: Number 24 and 25, West 62nd St.