Alberto Biagetti: Diamante

Work / Exhibition

Art: Curious shapes galore at Alberto Biagetti’s magnificent Paris show

Exhibitions as brilliant as this don’t come along very often, and prove not just that function can be as necessary as form, but also that fascinating, contemporary objects placed in archaic interiors nearly always look spectacular. Dans le Jardin, dans le Ciel, dans la Cave by Alberto Biagetti is currently running at Galerie Italienne and is a collection of fascinating objects, each with their own individual stories to tell.

Each object on display has the capacity to suddenly be transformed, be it by turning a key, peering at it from a certain angle, or questioning the material it is made out of, making it a display infused with mystery, intrigue and delight. The spiked Diamante pieces resemble hidden gems beneath the earth, and the menacingly black, styrofoam chaise longue represents a fallen meteorite. Magnificent!

Dans le Jardin, dans le ciel, dans la Cave is at Galerie Italienne and runs until 31 July


Alberto Biagetti: Triptych


Alberto Biagetti: Diamante


Alberto Biagetti: Diamante


Alberto Biagetti: The Ground


Alberto Biagetti: Meteorite


Alberto Biagetti: Diamante