Alec Huxley: What was that you tried to say, 2011

Work / Art

Artist Alec Huxley puts cinema in canvas form to devastating effect

If every-day life is lacking drama for you – and let’s face it Tuesday probably is the most boring day of the week, even if The Hairy Bikers are on TV tonight – then inject some cinematic edge with these moody paintings by American artist Alec Huxley. Like screenshots or retro film posters, there’s a real sense of tension and darkness through the narratives created within each piece. Successfully applying filmic devices to his work, Huxley manages to blend the qualities of film into the static canvas through his use of shading, limited colour palettes, and layering of translucent figures in the foreground as though one scene’s blurring into the next in the surreal world he’s created.


Alec Huxley: 26 dollars in my hand, 2011


Alec Huxley: The F.B.I. they ain’t on your side, 2011


Alec Huxley: Separator, 2011


Alec Huxley: Star six nine, 2011


Alec Huxley: Who knows where the time goes, 2011


Alec Huxley: Just quit saying no to me, 2011


Alec Huxley: The great escape, 2011


Alec Huxley: Before you’ve had too much, 2011


Alec Huxley: You’ll be the first to know, 2011