Alexandre Jacques: Paris, Tour Ariane

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Architecture: Alexandre Jacques catalogues the patterned buildings of the world

Even if you’ve royally had enough of looking at photographs of patterns – patterns on clothing, on walls, on anything – I’d hazard a guess that you’ll be sucked in by these from Alexandre Jacques. The architecture buff has created a series of stunning images of the façades of buildings, where the patterns they bear make them seem to be fading hazily into the distance, and then painstakingly documented all of them in fascinating detail on his brilliantly concise website, Architectural Pattern.

The information he records includes the architect who designed the building: the floor count, the date that the construction ended and the design factors referenced in it, alongside a fairly in depth description of the structure itself. The result is not just-another-pattern-blog, but a gorgeously abstract series of images and an invaluable database of architectural and design knowledge. It has a lovely scroll too.


Alexandre Jacques: Paris, Tour Novotel


Alexandre Jacques: Société Générale


Alexandre Jacques: Paris, Tour Espace 2000


Alexandre Jacques: New York, 1221 Avenue of the Americas


Alexandre Jacques: New York, 1 Liberty Plaza


Alexandre Jacques: New York, New York Marriott Marquis


Alexandre Jacques: New York, New York Times Building


Alexandre Jacques: Paris, BNF