Alexis Nolla: Vivian (detail)

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Presenting Alexis Nolla’s bold, bright illustration

We first came across Alexis Nolla through his illustrations of Bill Gates posing with a tiger and munching on an apple (obviously) for the third issue of Perdiz magazine, and we couldn’t be more glad we did. If his hilarious visual accompaniments to a wholly made-up interview don’t swing you (check out the issue to see how he conveys Bill’s irrational and relentless hatred of all things Apple Mac) then his plentiful offerings for any one of his other clients will do.

He’s still experimenting with styles, ranging from comic strips and black and white line drawings to fully-fledged, multi-coloured variations, but his work in all its forms is tongue-in-cheek and and very, very funny. Colourful, bold and timeless, there’s nothing not to like. In our opinion, at least. Bill Gates might not feel the same way.


Alexis Nolla: Illustration


Alexis Nolla: Illustration


Alexis Nolla: Illustration


Alexis Nolla: Illustration for Quique Ramos


Alexis Nolla: Illustration for Quique Ramos


Alexis Nolla: Warren Oates in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia


Alexis Nolla: Bill Gates, for Perdiz Magazine Issue #3


Alexis Nolla: Vivian Girls