Alles Gut: Les Innommables grotesques

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Nice, nice and more nice, French design studio Alles Gut are smashing it!

It’s not often you come across a graphic design studio that produce their own illustration in-house, but the French have got it effortlessly and stylishly covered. Alles Gut, the design studio created by Antoine Eckhart and Francis Josserand, have the fantastic ability to create really fun designs that, although colourful and friendly, aren’t in the slightest bit twee. One of the nicest things about the work they produce is who they produce it for, including an unconventional illustration for the Eurostar and some truly fantastic posters for a multiple sclerosis meeting. I mean come on, when was the last time you saw a medical poster this side of the channel that you actually wanted to hang on your wall? Exactly.


Alles Gut: tweak and shout


Alles Gut: tweak and shout


Alles Gut: les Chasselands à l’école


Alles Gut: Université d’Aix-en-Provence


Alles Gut: Anybody can be cool


Alles Gut: Balades


Alles Gut: Balades


Alles Gut: Balades