Alyssa Dennis: S(Oil) and Water II

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Art: Alyssa Dennis’s ethereal architectural drawings are full of tiny surprises

Alyssa Dennis draws dream houses – the kind that pile floors and floors on top of each other and pop windows where windows would never be, in a way that makes you resent your dull old run-of-the-mill top-floor flat. Her incredibly intricate architectural drawings, created usually with graphite and ground pigment, places fantastical ideas and sold theoretical knowledge side-by-side to create the magical juxtaposition, sometimes even adding earthy foundations at the very base of her constructions to make them appear to be ethereal towers which have some how grown straight out of the ground.

The best thing about these two dimensional palaces? Zebras, foxes and donkeys can be spotted wandering absentmindedly around them, while rooms sport beautiful lampshades suspended in mid air and oil drums and hay bales hang about willy nilly. Like Noah’s Ark meets Buckingham Palace – I’m sold.


Alyssa Dennis: Extension


Alyssa Dennis: Commodity Vs Crop


Alyssa Dennis: Spatial Education


Alyssa Dennis: Untitled


Alyssa Dennis: Conservatory