Amanda Vähämäki: Musical Offering

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David Shrigley’s favourite Finnish illustrator, and now ours: Amanda Vähämäki

David Shrigley called Amanda Vähämäki his ‘favourite Finnish illustrator’ in a recent tweet, which is high praise indeed and completely deserved. After only minutes looking through her work it is easy to become completely absorbed in Amanda’s unique world of shy humans, nature and happenstance.

In just two storyboard-like panels, Amanda can conjure up whole novels: look at the image of the man scuttling behind a tree – have you seen an illustration that simple and enticing recently? I don’t think so. Also, take a look at the coloured image below of the two women scraping frost off their windshield in the dead of night – have you ever seen anyone illustrate such a strange moment or drawn frost with such ease? I know I haven’t.

Shrigley’s on to something, Amanda should be everyone’s favourite Finnish illustrator. Read her exceptionally endearing personal statement on Drawn and Quarterly


Amanda Vähämäki: Short Stories


Amanda Vähämäki: Musical Offering


Amanda Vähämäki: Short Stories


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Amanda Vähämäki: Short Stories