Work / Friday Mixtape

An Americana-themed mix to celebrate the new issue of Printed Pages!

Howdy! The new issue of Printed Pages magazine is out, and we’re happy to announce that deep within its wondrous pages lies an in-depth article studying the impact of Americana on art and design. To celebrate the launch of the mag we thought we’d dedicate this week’s mix to Americana, and the seemingly infinite pot of inspiration that artists and musicians have been delving into through time that is the United States. Read along with your own copy of Printed Pages you can get from over here.

This playlist is set as collaborative, so feel free to suggest in your own Americana songs in the comments box below or just go ahead and add them in!


Matt Henry: Elvis Cards (featured in the Autumn edition of Printed Pages)


Carl Partridge: Americana (featured in the Autumn edition of Printed Pages)


Pete Gamlen: Tarnished Oats (featured in the Autumn edition of Printed Pages)