Amie Norris explains why she started female-only photography agency, ACN Studio

8 March 2017

The idea for ACN Studio first came to Amie Norris back in October 2015 when she found herself unintentionally working on projects for only female photographers. Amie was previously a first assistant and digital tech working on production for various creatives including Mert and Marcus, yet found she wanted to work with artists in a more direct way. “In January 2016 I wanted to make a mark in my career to really inspire other women and younger women who want to work in the world of photography,” she explains. “I knew in my mind that I couldn’t start a ‘regular’ agency as this wasn’t meaningful enough for me. Photography has changed so much since I was assisting, and I’ve learned you have to have a nice to really catch people’s attention.”

ACN Studio is more than just a gimmick though as it provides opportunities and guidance for young, female photographers and it’s all fuelled for Amie’s genuine love for all her artists’ work and a belief in making them successful.

Already on ACN’s books is a roster of fresh talent including Sophie Green, Joanna McClure, Julia Wagner and Victoria Hely-Hutchinson, covering documentary, still life and portrait photography. “There are many female collectives, most of which I’m always in touch with or reaching out to collaborate but I’m not sure if there’s another photography agency that reps only women,” says Amie. “There are some cool production houses run only by women and I always think of these places when I’m hiring people for a job. My team is always mainly women, even my accountant and bookkeepers.”

As a natural people person, looking for new talent or artists who are currently represented is what drives Amie to find even more. She pours over Tumblrs, reads tons of magazines and targets graduating students from schools and colleges to make sure she’s there at the very start of someone’s career. “Before I meet with artists, I’m always very open. For me the artist must be creative, good with people, happy to collaborate and not too much of a control freak, having a successful relationship is a real team effort but the result can be so great,” Amie says.

“I have many goals for the agency, this is something I am very proactive about and so I write lists of my goals daily. Right now, it’s to get my girls to the top and have my artists work with the biggest clients.”


Rachel Chandler: Marfa


Eugenie Dalland: Isabella


Joanna McClure: Time Magazine


Sophie Green


Victoria Hely-Hutchinson: Public School


Victoria Hely-Hutchinson: Muscle Cramp

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