Amze Emmons: Having Fled Already

Work / Art

Excellently bleak and pastel depictions of disaster-torn places from Amze Emmons

When something looks like it’s been done on a computer but it’s actually been created by hand I’m instantly impressed and it’s even better when that work is actually really good (rather than just those weird painted replicas of Johnny Depp or David Beckham you see on the market sometimes).

Take the work of Amze Emmons for instance whose work explores disaster and refugee architecture but depicts them in a simple line drawn style with sweet, ice-cream colours that jar beautifully against the isolated, dilapidated spaces and makes us question the reality Amze has captured. Using a range of techniques including stencilling, etching, silkscreen, relief with materials including graphite, gouache and watercolours all on paper, his work is engaging and superbly realised.


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