Ana Kraš: Noodle

Work / Furniture Design

If only life really was like Ana Kraš’ extraordinary visual creations

Well done Ana Kraš, you’re not only one of the most beautiful women I have ever, ever seen, and the wife to Devendra Banhart – you’re also extraordinarily talented. It’s not often that a product designer invents something so unique and brilliant that it can just keep being produced and photographed and never lose it’s charm, but Ana has totally just knocked that theory out of the park. Her big woven lanterns, or ‘Bonbons’, are cool, fun, colourful, friendly and well made; a theme that runs consistently throughout all of her other creations.

It is worth adding to this gushing review of niche home-ware, that these could have the potential to be overlooked if it was not for the clever and extraordinary art direction and photography of these objects. Tossed on to piles of rugs, lighting up the corner of a cosy room, balancing on a beaten up old suitcase, these photographs take these objects from being totally great to utterly fantastic.


Ana Kraš: Bonbon


Ana Kraš: Bonbon


Ana Kraš: Bonbon


Ana Kraš: Bonbon


Ana Kraš: Bonbon


Ana Kraš: Bonbon


Ana Kraš: Bonbon


Ana Kraš: Hive Lamp


Ana Kraš: Hug Chair