Anaïs Boileau: Untitled (detail)

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Anaïs Boileau photographs sun-seekers in this fun series

I’m loth to comment on summer’s swift disappearance or the vague possibility that it might get warm again in the coming weeks, but how can I miss the opportunity which this series by Anaïs Boileau has so generously handed me? This brilliant photo-series examines the women who live for a tan, happily sunning themselves with foil trays pressed to their chins and eye-protectors plastered to their sockets. There’s something gently teasing and kind of funny but also really well-constructed about her images – the props make for a natural frame so you’re confronted with a very immediate manifestation of our society’s obsession with bronzed skin, which seems more ridiculous the longer you think about it.

Anyway, we love these photographs. Props to you Anaïs for the effortlessly cool shots.


Anaïs Boileau: Untitled


Anaïs Boileau: Untitled


Anaïs Boileau: Untitled


Anaïs Boileau: Untitled