Analeovy Pereznafarrate’s paintings fuse the real and her imagination to show beauty and disruption

With a practice inspired by the simplicity found in daily life and the surrealism encountered in her dreams, Analeovy’s work is full of wonder.

28 April 2020


Beginning full-time work as an artist in 2017, Analeovy Pereznafarrate originally studied graphic design. The Mexico-based artist has since developed an artistic practice that plays with “the disruption of the human form,” in order to reveal both the “internal and external beauty” that Analeovy sees in the world. Primarily working in gouache and acrylic, due to their versatility, Analeovy tells us “the use of colour and most of the brush strokes are very spontaneous even when there is a lot of detail involved,” noting that each painting becomes its own “celebration of diversity” where she intends “to represent strong confident characters living in vibrant worlds that are often a fusion between real life and my imagination.”

Analeovy’s vivid imagination doesn’t seem to cease; finding her biggest inspirations within her own “surreal dreams,” as well as “the simplicity of daily life.” It is within this middle ground, the harmony between the surreal and domestic where the beauty of Analeovy’s work thrives – crafting paintings that seem so familiar and desirable but at the same time incredibly alien. There is a comfort in the somewhat uncanny, uncomfortable nature of her paintings, where we can recognise ourselves within these rich scenes, vibrant with colour and mood.

“I find different sources that ignite my imagination,” Analeovy tells us, “from a song, a quote, a movie, a conversation or any form of human interaction, places I visit, a scent, or even my mood.” The latter plays a leading role in Analeovy’s work, telling us “I’m strongly connected to my latest works because they all talk about thoughts and emotions I’ve had these past months.” She explains that her recent work is almost journalistic, becoming a “sort of personal diary,” but hoping that people can also relate to the same sense of feeling. “I think almost anything has the potential of becoming the subject of a new artwork,” she explains, “as long as it sparks a connection.” She therefore often finds inspiration in the unexpected.

Analeovy finds both personal projects and commissioned collaborations rewarding “I enjoy the freedom of doing personal work, and also the challenges and opportunities of collaborating with different clients,” she tells us. With her private commissions becoming a fun but emotional enterprise, due to “the connection between the client and the artwork,” Analeovy also finds the collaborative projects very exciting in seeing the product come to life.


Analeovy Pereznafarrate: Channel Orange in Your Living Room

A recent commission that is one of Analeovy’s favourites was the cover art for the singer Charlie Burg’s latest single Channel Orange in Your Living Room. “This was particularly exciting to me because it was my first time working with a musician,” she tells us. “I’ve always been drawn to the art surrounding music; album covers, videos, the scenography… it is something I have always wanted to explore.” After feeling instantly connected with Charlie’s voice, Analeovy interpreted his creative vision “without making it too obvious of a reference to the name of the song,” and in doing so, “allowing people to relate to it in their own way.” Due to having the song on repeat during this process, she hears it whenever seeing the artwork. “I find that very special,” she adds.

Working on a larger and larger scale, and intending to exhibit around the world later this year, Analeovy’s first piece in 2020 was a large format personal project entitled Celebration. “I love the colour palette, and the general positive energy it portrays,” she recalls, telling us that it was created in honour of a new year, a new decade and Analeovy turning 30. “Of course, with the current events we are living through, it is hard to stay positive, but what I like about this piece is that even in dark times I look at it and it and I feel happy,” she optimistically notes, concluding that “in the end, a good party, dancing, kissing and laughing with loved ones is something to look forward to.”

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