Andreas Samuelsson: Linjal (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)

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Illustrator Andreas Samuelsson wows us with some nostalgic sculptures

You have to go right back to January 2008 to find the first time we hailed illustrator extraordinaire Andreas Samuelsson on the site and ever since then we’ve been keen admirers of the Swede’s tremendous talents. Imagine then just how piqued our interest was when Andreas got in touch to tell us about a new labour of love he has recently finished, taking his work into the third dimension. Alongside his commercial commissions Andreas has produced 15 handsawn MDF everyday objects ranging from a Stabilo Bos highlighter pen to a tennis ball, a ruler to a cassette player.

Andreas says: “These objects are like a diary of my life, to celebrate and preserve a history. It is a unique interpretation painted out of memories from my childhood until today.”

There’s a nostalgia and naivety about the project, accented by the bright acrylic paint, and a slight poignancy too, a paean to the simple joys of childhood. Also fun to find out that Swedish for highlighter is “Overstrykningspenna.”


Andreas Samuelsson: Overstrykningspenna (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Avriven Lapp (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Basktboll (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Basketsko (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Kassettband (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Klocka (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Miniraknare (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Plaster (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Seglarsko (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Skivomslag (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Skivomslag 2 (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Skivomslag 3 (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Tennisboll (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)


Andreas Samuelsson: Tumstock (Photography by Mats Bengtsson)