Andrés Lozano: The Ambersons

Work / Illustration

Illustrator Andrés Lozano creates some wonderful pop-culture inspired work

Picture this – the film Se7en is coming to a close and Morgan Freeman is beginning to open a mystery box… and out pops a cake! Andrés Lozano manages to turn this emotionally-charged ending on its head in his own tongue-in-cheek style. Based in Madrid, Andrés mostly takes his inspiration from popular culture, recreating scenes such as the famous dance in Pulp Fiction, or Wallace & Gromit having a grand day out in space. Andrés confesses he is “slightly obsessed with impossible architectures and film noir.” Why not have a ramp/walkway/seating morphed into one? Exactly – Andrés’ talent may not lie in logistics but he sure can draw.


Andrés Lozano: Alternative Ending


Andrés Lozano: Baseball


Andrés Lozano: Get A Room


Andrés Lozano: Squared Landscape


Andrés Lozano: Cover for Yorokobu Magazine


Andrés Lozano: Dinobike